Sunday Morning Shout Out

As this school year rapidly draws to an end, perhaps you are looking for a few words to inspire, motivate, or congratulate your favorite student. Whether a napkin note; a pep talk; a graduation card; or a graduation speech, the folks at offer 10 famous graduation quotes to help the harried parent or teacher when they are word poor and short on time.

For parents and teachers with a little more time, National Public Radio (NPR) compiled a database of over 3oo commencement speeches and shares what they learned from their favorites.  I recall hearing The Buffalo Bill’s Marv Levy at SUNY Fredonia for commencement. While I remember wanting to reject any football analogies at the time, I know Levy had a lot to say beyond the game that applied to life, specifically about hard work and perseverance.   He got me at hello. What were the most memorable inspiring or parting words you received from a parent, educator or someone else at the close of school or at high school/college graduation?  What are the most meaningful, applicable words you have given to others?


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