Sunday Morning Shout Out

—So little summer and so many great things to do. This is how I feel when things are relatively balanced in our household.

—-So little summer and too many /?%! things to do.  This is how I feel when there is too much going on during the summer; it’s whizzing by; and I am frazzled by its frenetic pace?  I think how can this be summer when there seem to be too many demands to meet.  Where did laid back, slow paced, and my “Hallmark” card moments, in which our family is playing baseball on the lawn (in the middle of a familial love fest) go?  I know I am out of whack when I feel tired, grumpy, and feel like it’s effort to do the normal things nicely.  I know the children are out of whack when they are acting tired, grumpy, and are having great deal doing normal things nicely.  When this occurs, I have to take a step back and retreat.

For me, this means saying no to many things, and yes to some quiet in our home.  It means dramatically limiting activities outside our home and keeping a realistic pace.  This pace doesn’t leave me or the children gasping for air in the summer.  It returns laid back to the equation and us to grounding activities around our home.  This looks like quiet play inside; reading and crafts for the girls; trains and the toy basket for the boy; some rambunctious play outside; sprucing up our house, by doing some extra organizing and cleaning; catching up with correspondence; baking; and a few “snuck” minutes of reading during the day for me.  It’s nothing dramatically exciting or over the top. It is just things we find grounding.

When I am calm, my children are calm.  When I am more rested, the children also tend to be more rested.  When I am satisfied, the children seem more satisfied.  When I feel more comfortable and at ease, the children seem more comfortable and at ease.   Where I go emotionally, my children tend to follow.  Instead of no thank you, thank you, no!


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