Sunday Morning Shout Out

Perhaps your child is a newly transitioned middle school student.  Going from elementary school to middle school is chalk full of changes for everyone.  While middle school orientations can help, I do believe students and parents still find themselves in somewhat of a wilderness when it comes to making this leap.

When researching information on this subject, I came across an article that was wonderful for looking at this milestone from a middle school student’s perspective.  An article at the PBS Kids website: “It’s My Life, “Middle School, What’s Different,” discusses what your child is probably starting to fully realize these first few weeks of school. School right now is a whole lot different!   From looking at middle school students ‘shift in perception in their teacher’s eyes and switching classes to more homework and surviving cliques, this series presents many kid friendly perspectives on middle school, and how to make it a great success.

Not to leave parents out of the loop, the article at scholastic. comMaking the Transition” offers many suggestions for helping parents navigate this challenging time with their children.  From addressing the physical and emotional changes their children are starting to go through to looking at self-esteem issues, this article has great ideas for parents in helping them remain a bedrock of support in their children’s lives, in what can be a rocky time. There are discussion points and suggestions for parents in how to teach stress management skills.  By knowing what’s typical and helping our children stay centered and supported, they will transition and soon thrive.  Transitions do end and then we are all on to a new normal…


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