Sunday Morning Shout Out

Oh to have a fine day like our children had in school!  What did you to do today?- Out of the mouth of babes and bigger babes, nothing – surely not.  I am not quite sure when this became the norm for responses.  We know their nothing is a whole lot of something.  How do we get our children to talk about their something from school?  Here are a few ideas.

In our home, we often play high and low.  I have also seen it called roses and thorns light and darkness, kid torture-okay just kidding on that one.  With this, everyone shares a highlight from their day and a low light. We do it at the dinner table.  While our three year-old is still getting the hang of it, I have learned things about our girls’ school day I would never have known otherwise.  It does get them beyond the nothing.

Another tactic is perhaps waiting to ask about their day.  Like us after a trying day, maybe they don’t want to rehash it right off the bus. Maybe they need a snack; some downtime; and a little space from their day.  Our oldest is infamous for “unloading” right at bedtime.

Leave to some of the Huffington Post writers to think of some funny and quirky ways to ask this question.  Liz Evans shares her questions for her kids in a recent article.  My personal favorite is who would you have beamed up to space from your classroom today, given the chance?  This might open the door to getting your child to discuss a social situation or other uncomfortable situation, that otherwise might not have been brought up.   If nothing else, levity will be brought to your day and theirs.  We know our children are doing a whole lot in school.  Let’s continue to find ways to stay involved; show them our interest; and underline our support.



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