Monday “Think About It”

Being a parent is rewarding but it certainly is not easy.  It is tough enough helping them learn about death and loss; alcohol and drug abuse but probably one of the most difficult aspects is assisting your child’s learning and understanding about reproduction and their own sexual development.  Part of learning about normal sexual development is an understanding of sexual behavior rules.   There is probably no ‘perfect’ way to do this and discussions can certainly feel odd.

It is also worth noting that perhaps the best discussions will be unplanned and happen based upon a comment or action often during car rides.  Even songs on the radio can initiate the conversation(s).  So how do you prepare and plan?  There are a variety of good resources that help parents understand this process, including online articles such as “When Does Sex Education Begin?,” and “Is Your Child’s Sexual Behavior Normal“, published in Psychology Today.

A recent conversation we had with our 7-year-old was is sex or sexy a bad word?  We didn’t come to a conclusion about good or bad but we did determine that there is a time and place and that it is not acceptable to everyone.

Know that it is not always a comfortable dialogue and lesson but it is necessary.  It is a parents responsibility to help their child through most of their sex education not a schools.


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