Sunday Morning Shout Out

Source: Ken Lauer, Nov. 2014

Source: Ken Lauer, Nov. 2014

This year’s November storm is still fresh in our minds.  There is nothing like six feet of snow; visions of stranded motorists on our local thruways and state highways; and haunted thoughts of being stuck in the vehicle with our loved ones or by ourselves to remind us of having our automobiles in “winter shape” and packed with the proper winter essentials.  These very things can save our lives.

The AAA website lists different points of consideration for winter car care in a short piece titled ‘Tis The Season To Prepare For Winter Driving‘.  From checking your vehicle’s battery and coolant levels to tire treads and breaks, there are several vehicle care points to consider to have your vehicle in good running order for winter.  They also provide a list of emergency essentials to be carried in your vehicle, in the event you do breakdown or simply cannot drive because of road conditions.  From extra blankets and energy bars (even candy) to flares, flashlights, emergency kits, and car chargers there is a comprehensive check list for motorists to quip their vehicles.  Lastly, the website describes their smartphone app that is available for Android and smartphone users that allows a motorist to request help, without needing to make a phone call.  Simply, motorist information is input to the screen.  While you do not have to be a AAA member to download it and use it, it is a requirement for their roadside assistance.


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