Sunday Morning Shout Out

HolidayScheduleThe thing about the holidays and breaks is it is just that, a break from early rising; homework; usual activities and routines, in favor of getting to bed later than normal; more pajama clad days than uniform days; and gobs of special events and activities.  For all the buildup of the holidays, comes the equally strong, yet contrary let down of the post holiday return to school, that students often face.  Simply put, it can be very hard to return to the school, college, and the typical routine at home after all the holiday merry making.

Fortunately,  there are things that parents can do to help their children (help themselves) ease back into school days.  Whether you are a parent trying to inspire and motivate your children to excitedly (happily) get back to school; a college student aiming to make a successful return; an exasperated parent; or a determined teacher, there are many shared themes.  From returning to a reasonable bedtime and working on school assignments that are due after break, during the break to having your child replenish their school supplies; establishing goals for the rest of the year or the new semester; and as a teacher, having your students get excited by having special return to school events, there many links that are help to the concerned parent or student.  The first link from is especially geared toward individuals with with ADHD or learning disabilities and contains applicable ideas.  More general support and ideas can be found at these three additiona sites: ehow, hsta and wikihow.  Transition is hard but these tips can help us all be in this together and help our children thrive…..


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