Sunday Morning Shout Out

We all know the days we’re just not right and just not “completely there”.  Perhaps we woke up late and did not have time to eat breakfast before we rushed out the door.  Maybe we had an argument with our spouse that morning or the night before.  Or perhaps we had car problems and could not get to work on time or at all because of it.  These factors would frustrate and upset the most patient and calm of individuals.  We certainly are not at our best functioning when these things occur.

Stay with me here.  Think of these circumstances and the recent census statistics that found that the poverty rate for children in Buffalo increased from 45 percent in 2012 to 50.6.  In a recent article that ran in Buffalo’s new alternative paper “The Daily Public”, entitled “Staggering Poverty Facing Buffalo Students“, by Florina Altshiler, Altshiler further elaborates on the census findings.  I can tell you that it doesn’t sound like a comprehensive economic recovery to me!  The Census Bureau recently released its annual American Community Survey.  They found that Buffalo’s overall poverty rate is twice the national rate of 14.5, coming in at 31.4%.  An astounding 29,726 children of the city’s 58,722 children live in poverty.  As a comparison point, Albany’s was 25.7 percent and New York City’s was 20.9 percent.

What does this mean in terms of education on a daily basis?  Think back to the beginning of the blog and when you are not at your best because of mitigating circumstances.  Now, think of how this would be if these were your constant circumstances.  As a Facebook friend astutely commented, the real concern in public education isn’t Common Core right now. It’s poverty!



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