Sunday Morning Shout Out

Perhaps it started when I forgot my lines during the kindergarten play.  I was the narrator and man, what’s a play when the narrator forgets her lines?  Maybe I did not “show and tell” enough?  Maybe it’s just my funny personality?  Perhaps it is why I like to write, better than doing public speaking.  I usually can say in writing, what I wish would intelligently come out of my mouth.

My husband and I are hoping to change the course of history.  While I like to write, he is a quiet man by nature who prefers to absorb information and demonstrate knowledge by the completion of problems and tasks, than publicly speak.  As fate and the real world would have it, he has to do a great share of it at his job.  As we help our children prepare for their 4-H presentations that occur this weekend, we are hoping that these practices will get them more and more comfortable with public speaking.  This is year three for both of them.  With more ease than I knew at their age and at times now, they have had many experiences now to talk in front of others.

They have also been fortunate to have teachers that have emphasized this skill from an early stage.  In kindergarten, they both had a “talker’s club,” where they brought in a show and tell type item to share and discuss.  Our youngest daughter has something similar this year in 2nd grade.  Our oldest has presented science fair project and had to do a dramatic historical presentation at Halloween.  While she was less than excited to stand before the class and be Ulysses S. Grant, she had a great opportunity to speak before her class.  Thus far, they have had an impressive amount of chances to present and speak, for which I am glad.

We all know that public speaking skills serve us well throughout our lives.  Whether it’s projecting a confident image; demonstrating definitive knowledge orally; seizing job opportunities; and/or enhancing self-worth, when one can speak well and confidently it further enables them to go far.  The website  offers parents some great tips to encourage their children in this pursuit.  From suggestions for easy ways to encourage your child in public speaking and taking advantages of opportunities to do so to tips on how not to be fearful, this website is a good resource of the leery child and parent alike.


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