Sunday Morning Shout Out

To quote our three and a half year-old, quoting a “Thomas the Tank Engine” movie, I think my head is going to become a Popsicle. In fact, I think collectively Western New Yorkers everywhere are officially becoming Popsicles. With no annual January thaw and over 60 steady days of frigid, sub freezing weather and snow, we are getting freezer burnt! Before we all start going “mad” with collective brain freeze, perhaps it is best to round up some great winter activities to embrace the cold or beat it.  Remember these day lovingly since soon enough you’ll have the Air Conditioning on in July and August (that is if Lake Erie thaws) and begin dreaming of our winter wonderland!

The “Buffalo Event Calendar” allows you to search for WNY events and showcases top notch activities in our area.  From skating at Canal Side and Rotary Rink to annual events like the “Farm Show and the “Auto Show,” this is a great online source for individuals and families seeking fun and unique activities to do this season.  Check out your town or village’s website for winter festivals and special events. From inside music to outside skating, to vendors, chicken barbeques, lectures, and more, our area municipalities offer many fun things to do in the cold. –Which brings me to our local libraries.  Outside the great books and periodicals, many libraries offer in house movie nights; loan DVDS and video games; and host lectures, book clubs, and other special events to squelch the toughest case of cabin fever.  Pick up a book and start an adventure! Go to the library and have a great new experience!

Speaking of ending cabin fever, what do you and your family like to do to beat this “bug”? –Beat it before it beats you!  Sometimes ordinary activities just need a nice spin to become a special event in the home.  Make movie night, the home drive in, minus the exhaust fumes and mosquitoes!  Better yet, perhaps you can go camping after the movies in the great wilds of your living room.  Or maybe a game night, turns into a camp-out replete with storytelling (read or spoken) and a big bowl of popcorn and a side of laughter and good memories.  Which outdoor activity do you enjoy with your family this time of year, sledding, skiing , or riding snow mobiles?  Do you want to build a snowman? Snicker, snicker… Maybe going outside has little to no appeal? But perhaps just stepping outside on a beautiful starlit night, or bundling up and taking a walk is just what the doctor ordered. Look at the beautiful sparkle of the snow.  Winter will be over soon enough and time just keeps passing….’do you wanna build a snowman?’


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