Sunday Morning Shout Out

Some moments of parenting you really have to work hard to keep your straight face.  Reflecting on these special moments with our three children always brings a warmth to my heart and smile to my face.  One of the funniest was when I had sent our three and half year old son to sit on his bed after a particular “naughty” incident or another.  He was calmly sitting on his bed “ working through his consequence,” – so I thought, while eating a sucker he found somewhere in his sister’s room.  He was the definition of swallowing the canary when I found him.

Then there are the moments when our effervescent youngest daughter tries very hard to put on her “mean” face.  Underneath it, those big, beaming baby blues just come shining through.  Tough girl isn’t going to work!  Or there are the moments when our sweet, albeit solicitor like when angry oldest daughter tries to talk herself out of the crime and punishment.  You just have to laugh, but not let them catch you if you know what I mean.

As any parent does, I have my moments where I am anything but laughing.  You want to scream and sometimes I have certainly raised my voice.  Yet usually by the end of the day, I come back to there’s got to be a better way.  Certainly we all go wrong at times, while we have the best intentions.

The folks at “Positive Parenting Solutions Blog” offer some great ideas for parents to help them in all their parenting efforts and needs.  I found their column “Ten Tips for Better Behavior” particularly helpful and useful as a reminder lately as we deal with this oppressive winter.  With its first edifying reminders to emphasize connection with your child to prevent and circumvent bad behavior and focusing on the all reassuring and reliable routine, to projecting a positive attitude and encouraging a team like spirit within your household, there are some great tips here that can really help to prevent bad behavior and promote familial peace.  Remember you can ‘hold it together’ and there will come a day when you can reflect and cherish the growth and development of your children into adults and know you did a fine job!



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2 responses to “Sunday Morning Shout Out

  1. Maria

    Another good article, and one that brings a smile…

  2. Good article, yes those funny incidents are the ones you remember.

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