Sunday Morning Shout Out

spring breakBlame it on those touchingly sweet little bunnies you see this time of year.  Blame it on a word awash of PInterest and adorable ideas.  Say it is because we all have to break our own mold sometimes; I am on the prowl for some springtime craft ideas.

My little girls like to do crafts.  As fate would have it, they are pretty darn good at it too!  Not wanting to deprive them of the simple satisfaction one can get from crafts and completing a project, and subsequently aware of the good and strengthened fine motor skills and reasoning skills that arise out of doing it, (not forgetting about artistry and imagination) I have taken the plunge and jumped into an out of character pursuit for the perfect springtime craft.  So here goes.  This first pinterest idea provides a great touch, not to mention keepsake of your favorite little bunny during the early years.  School papers and other things will come and go, but this one is a keeper!

The second Pinterest idea is eggs that are so cool and a little more involved—something your school aged child might enjoy doing.  Looking for a Passover craft to do with your child? This third Pinterest idea offers some nice suggestions.  There are even more wonderful, naturally inspired Passover projects here.

Of course Pinteresting is not the only place for craft ideas.  This children’s art collective page features arts and craft ideas for all ages and interests.  There are so many great ideas…just a quick Google search away for natural and reluctant crafters alike.  Do you have a craft idea in mind that you will share?


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