Sunday Morning Shout Out

It seems like all teachers have deep pockets.  But I don’t mean this the way it is typically used.  Most public school teachers are making fair, but very middle class salaries.  According to “The US News and World Report” the average teacher salary was $55, 360 in 2013.  This is hardly extravagant or excessive.  A teachers day does not end at 3pm , nor does their work week on Friday.  Their hours extend into nights at home and weekends at school prepping for the week ahead.  They have deep pockets of the resource variety, using their own intrinsic and financial means for extra school supplies, winter attire, food, or emotional support.

A teacher often wears many hats– parental figure, social worker, nurse, mentor, ally, or reliable support to name a few.  It is a calling- a vocation and not something you do to get rich.  Sure there are the holidays, summers off, healthcare and for many teachers in the country great retirement packages but these ‘perks’ are quickly being reduced due to economic forces and increased common core standards.  To know the trials and tribulations of a teachers job one needs to truly ‘walk in their shoes’ for a couple of days.  The truly great teachers are generally on the job 24/7 for 365 days per year creating new learning curriculum or increasing their personal knowledge and strengths.  It should also be known that teachers in private, parochial and charter schools are making far less than public school teachers…almost half!

It is exciting and encouraging for me to read about resources that can help teachers in return.  One such resource out there is  This resource was featured in a recent article titles ‘Fundraising Site For Teachers Illuminates Classroom Disparities‘ at the NPR Education website.  With this site, teachers describe a classroom project at the website.  The public gets to choose which projects to fund.  They range from literacy projects and mathematics to applied sciences and music.  Literacy projects are the most popularly funded project, according to the site’s stats.  While some projects gain funding for larger ticket items like iPads , printers, and dissection equipment, other teachers have gotten the very basics like pens, pencils, paper, and glue funded.

Since its inception 15 years ago, this site has raised more than $310 million- with more than half of donations going to America’s poorest schools.  This site offers teachers and schools an additional funding source.  Just as teachers build up and inspire their students, this offers the public a chance to return the favor. —Very awesome indeed!



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