Monday “Think About It”

Now that the Common Core assessment test are completed for New York State students is it time for New York State Education to re-think the issue and find a different way to meet US Federal participation requirements?  Or is it the Federal Government that needs to change the requirements?


According to a Clinton Courier article “The overall state average for ELA opt-outs was about 16.1 percent, according to United to Counter the Core, a New York State-based parent activist group. As of Friday, the group was said to have canvassed nearly 70 percent of all New York school districts.”  Opt-outs for the Math portion of the exam were expected to be higher than those for ELA.  It seems it would be safe to say that a majority of NYS school districts and the State as a whole have far less that the U.S. Department of Education  required 95 percent participation rate for a district to meet adequate yearly progress (AYP).  No fiscal sanctions have been imposed on New York school districts yet for failing to meet AYP in past years.


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