Monday “Think About It”

A recent study posted on the “A Woman’s Nation™” web site focused on the life, roles and values of 21st Century American men.  Titled ‘The Shriver Report Snapshot: An Insight Into the 21st Century Man‘ one finding of the report to think about this lovely Monday morning is:

4 in 9 of today’s men say that it is harder to be a man today than it was for his father.  The most common reason given for this sentiment is women attaining a stronger position in the workplace, a stronger position financially and greater gender equity.  In fact, 30% of American men agree that women taking on greater responsibility outside the home has had a negative effect on the confidence of American men.  Men also mention negative social assumptions about men, a more competitive job market, greater household responsibilities for men and greater expectations for men in society today as reasons why it is harder to be a man today.

Being a male I can agree with aspects of this finding and agree that it is definitely different and probably harder to be a man today than it was for my father.  However, I also believe that the same hold true for women as the expectations they experience have changed dramatically as well.

As always I suggest you read the full report to develop your own insights and take-aways.  Here are some options provided by “A Woman’s Nation™” that you can take to know more about the study and the findings:


More about “A Woman’s Nation™“: Founded in 2011 by Maria Shriver, A Woman’s Nation™ (formerly called “The Open Field Foundation”) is the successor to The Women’s Conference® organization that was led by Ms. Shriver when she was the First Lady of California from 2004 through 2010.  One of the values they hold is that: ‘We at A Woman’s Nation™ believe that no gender succeeds at the expense of others. We believe in a gender-respectful society, and that requires the engagement and empowerment of all individuals.’

Remember Mother’s day is this Sunday!


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