Monday “Think About It”

Image Source: Divide by Zero

Image Source: Divide by Zero

As we enter more and more dialogue and attempts to measure teacher effectiveness and ability it may be heartening to remember writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke (1980) who once wrote: ‘Any teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be!’.  But just how do we know who should be replaced and by whom?

For that matter can teaching be automated?  Can teachers be replaced by robots?  Do robots teach better than human teachers?  An academic research study looks at aspects of these questions.  Recently published in Teaching in Higher Education Sian Bayne’s (2015) article ‘Teacherbot: Interventions in automated teaching‘ tests digital education and human/non-human teaching by experimenting with ‘Botty’ the Teacherbot.



Sian Bayne (2015) “Teacherbot: interventions in automated teaching”  Teaching in Higher Education  20 (4).

Clarke, A. C. (1980) “Electronic Tutors.” Omni Magazine, June.


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