Sunday Morning Shout Out

sick cartoonThis past week, our oldest was home sick from school, three days in a row.  Our oldest is the most self-directed 11 year-old I’ve ever seen.  Yet even self-directed 11 year-olds and mama/papas, hoping to bring comfort and stave off boredom for a little “sicky,” can run out of fresh ideas to entertain their sick child, when they are not resting.  You can only watch so many things and read for so long when you are sick.  Also, the things that may normally entertain and inspire, may sit idle because of dulled, sick eye.  While I was doing some extra cleaning in her room, I happened to come across some forgotten toys and art supplies.  These seemed to be the spark she needed that last day she was home.

Yet sometimes mamas/papas of sick kiddos have lost their spark.  Lost sleep and the demands of sickness can leave little room for inspiring new thoughts.  So it means it’s time to consult the oracle.  When you google sick kids and activities, of course a myriad of suggestions come up.  At the “She Knows” blog, they have some fun suggestions, ranging from steamy swirl drawing for croup to butcher paper full scale renderings of your child, left for them to decorate.

Web MD also has great suggestions for quiet activities for sick children.  Crafts are a biggie on their list, but so are audio books, using Skype, or any other type of video conferencing, with grandparents, aunt, uncles, etc.

As the saying goes, this too shall pass.  Meanwhile, different and interesting activities on sick days can make them pass faster.  What do you like to do to help your child pass a sick day?


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