Sunday Morning Shout Out

Peaceful Sunsets on Buffalo's Waterfront. © Lauer, 2014

Peaceful Sunsets on Buffalo’s Waterfront. © Lauer, 2014

This time of year, I vacillate between enjoying all the end of the school year activities and just wanting the year to be done.  Our children’s performances and end of year fairs have been truly heartwarming and inspiring.  The baseball games have been great weekly slices of Americana.  There are numerous special days ahead of us.  There are pending field trips to enjoy.  The school’s field days will be upon us shortly.  So will the end of year assemblies.

There are thoughts of what closely lies ahead.  Our oldest will leave the elementary school (and the tears will form even before I can finish typing this sentence).  Our youngest daughter will enter third grade and little boy wonder will start preschool- a little white lie about the tears.  There’s a distinct pleasure in being retrospective and looking back on the year that has been.  The growth, the maturing, the learning, have been remarkable for the three of them.  I am retrospective and proud.

Yet, I also long for the summer schedule- the less hectic pace, fewer mornings scurrying around, and the chance to let things unfold more spontaneously and carefree. — These summer days that are in front of us, such a needed counterpoint to Common Core and the hectic pace of the school year- living too measured of days for little beings.  Their main direction for right now should be stretching for the patch of sun they see, and gazing upon the blue sky , to wander under.  Little beings are not meant to be overly scheduled for games, recitals, and weighed down by a glut of homework; they are not meant to be pushed, and prodded too hard, by the pace of the day.

Summer is a sweet time for gentle grazing.  We are really to dig in and walk slow!  Yes , please, this for awhile! —This sweet innocence, these young years, this right before me, in the dazzling warm, sun…


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