Sunday Morning Shout Out

It seems this time of year is the season of “super busy,” along with almost summer and the end of the school year.  It certainly has effected the editors ability to get his Sunday posts up on time.  Part of the cause is that when you live in a climate like Western New York and a rushed culture like ours in the USA, it seems we try to cram a lot of living into each day, week, and month.  I believe some of this is for the best reasons.  Who doesn’t want to live a “zesty life?”  Yet we have had a cultural shift as Americans where doing more of everything seems to define us and measure us on some false scale.

We seem to emphasize quantity , over quality to our days.  We don’t want to miss anything, but in doing everything, we often walk away short.  We often seem to live this way and impose this on our children.  From gymnastics and violin lesson for three years-olds to four or more things at for those 10, 11, and 12 years-old who need to do soccer, dance, karate and swimming.  We as parents are not providing enough quiet and downtime for preteens, we are often harried and so our kids! In the wise words of no one in particular, “What the heck are we doing folks?”

One of my favorite bloggers, “Carrie” at “The Parenting Passageway,” a blog dedicated to peaceful parenting, from a Waldorf perspective, offers some great advice to reign it in on the family front and decide what’s most important.  With its emphasis on: taking charge of your family’s schedule and aligning it with your family’s needs and values; letting go of the unimportant or perhaps just extra tasks and activities; to positive self-care for parents- building time for oneself as a parent for good nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc: and positivity she gives some sage advice for harried parents everywhere.

The Disney movie Inside Out is a great example of just how jumbled us parents can make a child’s life when we forget to give them time.  Even worse is when we forget to listen to our childs feelings.  We hope you had a great Father’s Day.

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