About Tutor Doctor


I am Katleen Dethier, the local Tutor Doctor Academic Advisor for all of Western New York. Tutor Doctor is a leader in providing affordable one-on-one supplementary education to students and adults through offering in-home tutoring to families. My branch’s headquarters are based out of the town of Pembroke, a fantastic central location between Buffalo and Rochester, allowing us to provide services to most of Western New York. We provide one-on-one in-home tutoring customized to fit both your budget and academic desires/needs.  Some of our specialties include College (SAT, PSAT), Military (ASVAB) and Private school (OLSAT, ISEE) admission exam prep. We also provide a variety of services to support students understanding and completion of homework assignments and excel on tests and exams

This blog is designed to inform you of our personal experiences, thoughts, rants and raves that stem from our work here at Tutor Doctor and also as students, educators and parents. The entries can be quite diverse and eclectic. The writers of the blog entries include Alexandra Lauer, Nicole Kelly (Sunday Shoutout), Ken Lauer and once in a while myself.  You can visit our official website at, www.tutordoctorwny.com and contact me at any time through email at, kdethier@tutordoctor.com or by phone at (585).201.1323 or (716).994.7403

Every child can learn, given the right structure and motivators. Tutor Doctor’s motto is: “Work smarter, become smarter!”

Learning shouldn’t be a chore – Tutor Doctor makes it fun and rewarding!  We hope we convey a bit of that in the entries you read here.


Katleen Dethier

email: kdethier@tutordoctor.com

website: www.tutordoctorwny.com

phone: (585).201.1323


Visit our website for more information atwww.tutordoctorwny.com


11 responses to “About Tutor Doctor

  1. Hi Kathleen, thanks for liking my blog, hope to see a like from you on my lovely new facebook page too.

  2. Hi Kathleen. Thanks for liking my blog. Your pencil case post made me smile – always a good thing! All the best for 2013.

  3. What a great blog! As an educator and new mother it is definitely one worth following. Thank you for allowing me to discover you blog by liking my latest post!

  4. Hi Katleen, thanks for liking my post. Yesterday was my first day blogging so this is great encouragement. Tutor doctor is fascinating and it certainly applies equally on this side of the Atlantic. I’ll be checking what you have to say regularly.

  5. Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks for stopping by and ‘liking’ my blog. You and your writers look like a great source of help and encouragement. I’ll be stopping by and reading some more, and hopefully facilitating your passing on some of your insights to my readers.

  6. Hi Kathleen…*thank you* for the recent “like” at my blog. I concur that learning should not be a chore! Looking forward to reading more about learning here:)

  7. Thank you very much for the ‘like’. It’s very encouraging. Terry (schoome)

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post. Also, from Western New York there are a few of your writer’s names I recognize but I am not sure if I know any of you personally. Great Blog, I have read a few of your posts this morning.

  9. Hi Katleen…I’ve been meaning to write you for a while to thank you for the like of my “Schizophrenic? Quadrophenic? How About Maddophenic?” humor post on my Why Daddy Drinks blog at rexcrum.wordpress.com. I hope you will keep visiting the site, liking the posts and even follow the blog. I will be happy to do the same in return.

    All the best,

    Rex Crum

  10. Thanks for liking the George R. Stewart fb page. Always good the have that kind of encouragement. Your pages are spot on, as well, since I’ve taught kids and teachers for decades. I’ll pass it on.


    Donald M. Scott
    George R. Stewart Biographer, Teacher, Ranger

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