ASVAB Resources

ASVAB for Dummies (Link to Amazon)

For all of you brave Military bound people who need a little brushing up on your ASVAB skills, this is the book that our tutors have found to work the best! Don’t forget to check out our Learning Aids page for some Worksheets and Lessons we’ve put together as a sample tutoring trial for you! If you need any extra help feel free to visit our Contact Us page or our Website!






In the Name of Rome (Amazon Link)

Another great book that our tutors like to use for ASVAB prep is “In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire” by Adrian Goldsworthy. It is an upper level novel in which we have found to be very resourceful in gaining a knowledge of some ancient military tactics and history and also in getting a foundation in some military techniques and vocabulary still used today. This is not a must-have for the ASVAB, but we’ve found it to help a substantial amount; it’s also an all around good read if you are interested in Rome’s Military History.




ASVAB AFQT for Dummies (Amazon Link)

Here we bring you another ASVAB guide book brought to you by the infamous “for Dummies” company. This is another book we often use to prep you for the ASVAB AFQT. In this book you will get detailed information about the score you need to join each branch of the military, a breakdown of how your score is computed, advice for getting the most out of your studying, instructions on how you can request a retest and much more!






Barron's ASVAB (Amazon Link)

Yet another review book for the ASVAB, how could it be?! Well, we feel that there are just so many good resources for studying for this test, and we want you to know all of them! Instead of bringing you another “for Dummies” book, this time we bring you Barron’s! This book claims to be the #1 choice amongst students and even comes with a CD-Rom to aid in your studying! You can find the book on Amazon here, or you can click the picture for a direct link. Enjoy!





CliffNotes ASVAB (Amazon Link)

Just for fun, here is one more review book for you to check out that we like to use! This book is the Cliff Notes 2010 edition for the ASVAB with a CD-Rom included! This is not our best choice for review books due to some misprints, especially in the answer keys.


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