English Resources

Let's Review English (Amazon Link)

New York State puts a huge emphasis on the English Language Arts. It is the second most tested subject, second only to Math. Here at Tutor Doctor we feel that a strong foundation in English is the beginning to any young academic’s path. Here we have posted a link to an English Regents Test study guide book that we feel is the best deal for you! Take a look and let us know! Other books for higher levels soon to come! Don’t forget to visit our Contact Us page or our Homepage to get more information on our tutoring services and to schedule your no-commitment FREE in-home consultation with one of our Academic Counselors!

Favorite Folktales from Around the World (Amazon Link)

English isn’t always about reading for exams, sometimes you just need a good book to read for pleasure. Here we have “Favorite Folktales from around the World” edited by Jane Yolen. This book is great for all sorts of readers with different interests, whether it’s cultural, folktales and fairy tales or even for reading to your child. Packed with over 150 folktales from all corners of the Earth this is a book that is to be praised for its accomplishment for such a feat! We hope you enjoy!


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  1. Thanks Antione. If there is something you’d like us to focus on let us know

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