Student Spotlight

September 2011

Charlotte Jacobs

As a teenager, it’s often difficult to find the perfect balance between school, friends, family, volunteering, sports, hobbies, working and sleeping! Today’s students are busier than ever trying to stand out from the crowd, and that means that time is at a premium. For some students, school gets left behind in the rush of day-to-day activities. Even as students are trying to do more extra-curricular activities, schools are also becoming more demanding as higher standards are established. Balancing success in both academics and personal aspirations is difficult, and a skill that is often overlooked. We at Tutor Doctor WNY feel strongly that finding this balance is a skill we should be teaching to today’s students, sooner rather than later.

Charlotte Jacobs is a sixteen-year-old student at a Buffalo private school. Like most 16 year olds, Charlotte is kept busy outside the classroom with extra-curricular pursuits. For Charlotte this means spending a significant amount of time training for and competing in national and international level horse shows.

Picture Taken By James Parker

On a horse before she was able to walk, it comes as little surprise that Charlotte quickly became a prodigy at horse shows. All this success meant that horses and competition became an enjoyable full-time commitment. Charlotte’s equestrian success had to be balanced with success in academics, as Charlotte plans on attending college to pursue a future career. However, academics paled in comparison to the excitement and joy of riding and showing.

Tutor Doctor WNY teamed with Charlotte and her family to establish Charlotte’s educational goals. The first challenge was making school enjoyable again. Sitting in a classroom for upwards of seven hours a day couldn’t compete with being engaged and an active athlete at horse shows. To get Charlotte engaged in school again, we found tutors who could work with Charlotte to show her that success in school was just as possible as success in the show ring. After a couple of weeks, Charlotte found her academic spark again.

Picture Taken By James Parker

The second challenge was finding the time to do everything the school expected as well as everything Charlotte expected of herself. To accomplish this, we had to focus on organization in order to become more responsible and accountable. Working out a schedule that incorporated all aspects of her life helped to manage the limited time Charlotte had. By keeping an online calendar that tracked all of Charlotte’s obligations, from practice to project due dates, Charlotte, her parents, her tutors, and her academic coach knew exactly what needed to be done, and when it needed to be done.

Picture Taken By James Parker

Finding a balance in life is difficult for anyone, especially students in high school. Having said that, we here at Tutor Doctor are so proud of what Charlotte has achieved in the past year. We are excited to be a part of Charlotte’s continued growth and success. Having ranked second in the Young Rider Series in Wellington, FL, Charlotte was given the opportunity to compete internationally for the first time in Germany at the EY Cup Finals at the 2011 FEI World Cup Finals. This shows she’s well on her way to becoming a top equestrian.  On the other hand, Charlotte has grown and learned so much academically over the past year, we are confident that Charlotte will be able to achieve success in anything she puts her mind to.

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